Ultrasound Preventive Maintenance.

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It is important to keep all the Rehabilitation equipment working to the best of its capability, and Therapeutic Ultrasounds are not the exception. Mettler, Chattanooga, ITO, among others, recommend having their units checked by a biomedical professional at least once … Read More

Why is it important to PM your Hydrocollator?

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Hydrocollators are an on-demand unit, meaning they aren’t always ON; when the temperature reaches its target, the built-in thermostat opens and allows the element to turn off. During this stage, your hydrocollator uses minimal energy. When the temperature drops a … Read More

Patient Monitor Tips.

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Vital signs monitors or Patient monitors are some of the most common pieces of equipment found in the medical field. They are also one of the most user-friendly devices. Although there are many different manufacturers and in different combinations of … Read More

Brandon Biomed Purchase

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Brandon Biomedical was purchased by Hasenpflug Holdings Inc. as of January 1, 2018. It will take a few months to completely migrate the two companies together. But through all of this you will be able to phone or email Brandon … Read More