Frequently Asked Questions

As a potential customer of Brandon Biomed we know you may have some important questions for us. Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answers you need, please contact us by e-mail at, or phone 204.726.3400 (toll free: 1.877.626.3400).


Q. Are Brandon Biomed’s Employees Covered by WSIB?
A. Yes, Brandon Biomed knows the importance of safety and protection, and is covered by WSIB (Workman Safety and Insurance Board). Brandon Biomed complies with the rules set out by WSIB, and all employees have been trained on WHMIS and are fully trained on the equipment they use.

Q. Is Brandon Biomed ISO certified
A. NO.

Q. What kind of liability insurance does Brandon Biomed have?
A. “Medical repair company”, therefore assuming liability on repairs.

Repairs/ Equipment

Q. What is the process for repairing equipment?
A. Contact us with the issue and request either in-shop or on-site service. We will quickly repair your equipment and send you a post-repair report.

Q. Can you repair our equipment during our off hours
A. Brandon Biomed is flexible, we work around you and can change our hours to better suit your needs.

Q. Is there a warranty on repairs?
A. Yes, 30 days on all our repairs.

Q. Does Brandon Biomed track equipment history?
A. We track all repairs and preventative maintenance done on all equipment. This information is kept confidential and is available to the customer that owns the piece of equipment. This information is used for accreditation; it meets and exceeds all standards put forth by the Government of Canada.

Q. How do I ship equipment or return items to you?
A. To ship equipment to us you need a RGA Number (Return Good Authorization) for tracking the equipment. To receive a RGA Number for your shipment, simply call us and provide the following information: phone number, contact name, address, and the reason for shipping to our facility. We then track the equipment to ensure it arrives within 5 days. A representative will contact you upon the shipment’s arrival.

Sales/ Purchasing

Q. How do I purchase supplies, parts, and services from Brandon Biomed?
A. There are a number of ways for you to purchase supplies, parts and services from Brandon Biomed. Purchase by phone is most popular; however, orders can be placed via fax, e-mail, or in-person.

Q. Do I need an account to buy items form you?
A. Yes, but setting up an account is easy, we only require:

  • Company name
  • Phone number(s)
  • Address

Q. Do we offer discounts?
A. We offer discounts for large orders, and have a multi-site discount associated with our Preventative Maintenance program:

  • The more sites the better the deal
  • We discount our hourly rate
  • We give you all of our report writing for free

Q. What payment options do I have with Brandon Biomed?
A. Payment may be made with cash, cheque or credit card (VISA or Mastercard). First time buyers are requested to pay at time of delivery; payment terms are net 30 days if you have an account number with us. We must charge interest on all outstanding accounts to cover our carrying costs.

Additional Benefits

Q. Does Brandon Biomed Recycle batteries?
A. We have partnered with a great not for profit company called Call2Recycle, allowing us to recycle all batteries, except for alkaline.

Q. What makes Brandon Biomed stand above the rest?
A. Fast turnaround time, great customer service, serviceability nation wide, and we come to your site!