Equipment Rentals

To help our customers meet peak demand times or manage unexpected situations, we provide rental equipment minimizing downtime and helping you carry on with your business.

Our offering

When waiting for funding to go through or for a repair to equipment already owned, we offer a temporary substitute to avoid discomfort, inconvenience or even a risk to safety. We also have equipment rent by term or rent to own options. We have a large inventory of equipment available for rent and if we do not have what you are looking for, we are willing to locate and purchase it so you can proceed with the rental (some conditions apply). This is part of our utmost commitment to customer service.

Brandon Biomed Benefits

Competitive pricing
Our pricing is competitive among other medical companies with rental programs. Should you find a better price, our match program will beat the rental price from any local company (some conditions apply).

Complete Reliability
All rental equipment from Brandon Biomed goes through a preventative maintenance check before being delivered. Calibrating our equipment before delivery ensures you receive safe products in good working condition.

24/7 Availability
Rental equipment is available 24/7, so we can get it to you when you need it. For more information please visit our emergency services page.

In-service training
In addition to providing an operator’s manual, if someone on your staff is unfamiliar with the rental equipment, we also provide in-service training. This ensures staff members operating the equipment will be properly trained, maintaining proficient knowledge of our machines.

For pricing, availability or a competitive quote, e-mail or call us at 204.289.2522 or toll free 1.877.626.3400.