Part Sourcing

As part sourcing expertswe have access to hundreds of thousands of parts, fully available via our partnered manufacturers and suppliers. To qualify for this program, you do not need to be a Brandon Biomed customer.

Brandon Biomed Benefits

We keep thousands of parts stocked in-shop for when our customers need them most.

Buying Power
Our long standing manufacturer and supplier partnerships mean you save money. By purchasing parts from Brandon Biomed, our customers benefit from discounts that are not accessible when bought directly from the manufacturer.

When purchasing or parts sourcing through us, we handle any cross-border burdens. We will get parts from any country to get what you need, and handle all shipping and customs paperwork on your behalf, ensuring a smooth delivery with no unexpected delays.

Our part sourcing program is setup to save you time by allowing you to continue working, while we source the part for you. We spend all the time needed to find the parts you need.

Required Information

Detailed information is key to finding the part you need faster. Please provide us with the following when requesting a part:

  • Equipment Type – model number, serial number, manufacturer
  • Part Information – manufacturer, part number

For more details e-mail or phone 1.877.626.3400.