Preventative Maintenance

As durable as medical equipment is, it works better and for longer with a wear and tear prevention program. We provide a comprehensive testing procedure verifying your equipment is within manufacturer’s specifications. Our maintenance program prevents wear and tear, sudden equipment failure, and extends your equipment’s life-span. A proper maintenance program means having less down time and reducing the likelihood of future repair costs for your medical equipment.

The Service

Maintenance services on medical equipment include physical inspections, safety inspections and output verification.

We customize the program to your needs, offering on-site or in-shop maintenance. When shipping your equipment to our in-shop service, we also provide loaned equipment options to you during the maintenance period to ensure your business keeps on going. We offer very quick turnaround times and both shipping or dropping off equipment to our in-shop servicing can reduce your costs.

Additional Benefits of working with us

When you choose us as your maintenance specialists, you become a preferred customer. As part of our program you also receive a complete history of all services completed by Brandon Biomed for your company. If it is a company goal, these service record help with accreditation. Finally, with this service program we can notify you when the equipment is nearing the end of its useful life, and advise you on accredited replacement options before they become an emergency, ensuring continued operation.

Brandon Biomed test program verifies that your equipment meets manufacturer’s specifications and CSA standards

We are licensed by Health Canada to distribute Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV devices; Our test equipment is calibrated a yearly basis to certify its accuracy when performing tests.